• Enabling



    Organizations must innovate rapidly to compete in crowded, evolving digital markets. LeftShift can help you make the transition to a streamlined continous delivery model, ensuring that business value is realised on-budget in the shortest timeframes.

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  • Transforming



    Change is the only constant in the rapidly-evolving IT landscape. New tools, methodologies & platforms are released everyday to help aid these ongoing transformations. LeftShift are globally-recognized experts at delivery enterprise-scale IT change programmes and can deliver a blueprint for you to take advantage of these advancements.

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  • Embedding


    The IT industry is moving away from the model of long-term vendor dependencies. LeftShift has a 100% success rate instilling continuous delivery best practises at Fortune 500 organizations. We then train your teams to retain and embed that success in your company long after we are gone.

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Business Requirements

Throw away Word documents and Sharepoint. Let LeftShift introduce consumable, automatable requirement assets to improve traceability across the development lifecycle and auto-calculate test and data coverage.

Development & Architecture

From Mainframes through Monoliths and SOA to Microservices, application architectures are changing. Let LeftShift help you mitigate the risks associated with architectural changes and advise on different methodologies & approaches.

Environments & Data

Lack of stable environments and issues with test data are the biggest blockers in the IT industry today. Let LeftShift apply their combined 60 years of experience in this area to stablise your Test Data Management tooling & approach.

Automated Test Execution

The API economy is here and UI testing is diminishing. Let LeftShift leverage their ADEPT testing and virtualization framework to develop, organize and execute your automated API test suites, all integrated into your continuous delivery pipeline.

Deployment Pipelines

Tired of long, manual deployment and release processes? Want your weekends back? Let LeftShift design, configure and implement an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline for your applications, reducing risk and increasing speed and quality of code in production.

Culture & Process

Throwing code from one silo to another? Information not being shared between teams? Let LeftShift guide the adoption of good 'DevOps' principles by your company, breaking down barriers between teams and increasing the quality of code moving through the organization..

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